Progress Report

May 23

What We Like

Founder & CEO at Collaborative Fund


Artwork by Hiking Artist

The first question we ask ourselves when evaluating a new investment opportunity is: 

If this company becomes successful, will it make the world a more interesting, better and/or vibrant place? 

It’s critical for us not to get caught up in short-term thinking and to instead look down the line and imagine a world where the founder’s vision has come true. Is that a world we’re inspired by? Is it a world that’s improved by the company and its products? Who, in particular, is benefiting from the success of this company?

Second, we believe that the best for-profit investments are in businesses where the mission of the company and the revenue model are aligned

We recognize that this principle limits the number of companies in which we are willing to invest. We know that, in order to stay true to our own investment criteria, we will miss out (and we have!) on several winning, profitable companies while also investing in some companies that fail. 

But to us, it is most important to be able to have the conviction that we invested in companies and people that have the potential for real and lasting impact and were empowered by our investment in their potential.